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90 Minutes – Wellness Consultations

We offer virtual or in-person consults with Dr. Heather James to assist you in coming up with an individualized protocol to meet your health goals. Doctor Heather James is an alternative therapy specialist. She has been practicing her holistic approach to wellness since 2008. Appointments are available every other Wednesday starting 10/7/2020 from 1pm-5pm *Please call (770)-696-6930 to schedule an appointment once you’ve purchased a consultation.


Natural substances, called polyphenols, are found in both caffeinated and herbal teas. These substances are antioxidants, compounds that may help reduce the risk of certain chronic diseases. Enjoy Our Special Collection of Loose Herbal Tea Blends Wanda’s Detox Tea, Dollies Energizing Tea, Earnest Calming Tea, Liver Cleanse Tea, Colon Cleanser Tea, High Blood Pressure Support Tea, andMale Support Tea

Ionic Foot Detox Benefits

Foot detoxes are intended to remove toxins and metals from the body by drawing them out through the feet. Proponents believe that a foot detox makes the body’s pH level more alkaline. It’s also thought to deactivate a variety of harmful organisms. Benefits of Doing a Foot Detox May remove toxins Reduces swelling Calms the body Boosts your immune system Improves mood Burns calories Encourages normal blood sugar Boosts cardiovascular health Since the feet are rich with nerve endings and sweat glands, it seems like the ideal place in the body to detox and de-stress. There’s no denying that soaking your body or just your feet in hot or warm water is calming. But hot detox foot baths may also help reduce swelling, boost your immune system, and improve your overall health and mood. A recent study even found that, like exercise, hot baths can help burn calories, boost cardiovascular health, and encourage normal blood sugar levels.[4] People who advocate for detoxing through the feet say that it can ease mental distress while improving sleep and overall well-being.[5, 6]

Wild Harvested Irish Sea Moss

Sea moss may help prevent or relieve symptoms of flu or colds. It does two things naturally that you’d hope a cough syrup, cold medicine, expectorant, and antibiotic combination might do: fight congestion and phlegm, and boost immunity to infections. You can definitely get your Irish moss on via smoothie, but that’s really just the tip of the iceberg. You’ll find sea moss is in facial masks and body lotions, prized for its soothing qualities. You’ll also see it in whole dried form and in capsules and powders, slightly yellowy-green, usually. The Health Benefits of Sea Moss:1) Thyroid Support2) Emotional/Mental Health3) Digestive Health4) Immune Support

C.H.A ( Alkaline) Water

Purchase CHA water by 1, 3, or 5 gallon at Wandaful Herbs Today! WHY? Quality water is beneficial for virtually all disorders known to humankind. Toxins can build up if not enough water is consumed. Bowel and bladder problems, as well as, headaches can be reduced by drinking water. Water eases: Anxiety attacks, food intolerance, heartburn, muscle pain, colitis pain, and hot flashes. Alkaline water helps to combats the build up of lactic acid in the muscles, boosts the metabolism, improves heart health and much more.

Hair & Body Care

Step 1: Use the African Soap to cleanse your pours and rejuvenate the skin Step 2: use the Body and Face Conditioner made with Burdock Root and Black Powder to improve skin disorders:ECZEMA, PSORIASIS, ACNE, RINGWORMS, ATHLETES FOOT, RAZOR BUMPS, CUTS, SCRAPES, LESIONS, and STRETCH MARKS Step 3: Use the Moisturizing Jamaican Butter on your skin to fade scars or sunburn and on your hair to prevent dry and damaged split ends.

Fight A Good Fight

We are fighters. At Wandaful Herbs we encourage customers to take back thier health and wellness. Everyday we too are faced with temptations and pleasures from amazing foods and drinks, but it not all good for our bodies. We owe it to ourselves to work toward eat and living healthy. Diets, Surgeries, fasting…We’ve tried them all. The answer is simple. Our body is unhappy and its because of what we are putting in it and on it. Expectation ways heavily on our bodies just as much as food. What pur body needs is commitment and encouragement. The idea of speaking things into existence is meant for our bodies too. If we want change we must speak it into existence and do the work. Lets Start! Set reasonable goals. No one is expecting you to be the next body builder. Only you know what you want for yourself and you must also know your limits mentality. Mentality were all at different levels so expecting yourself to do the same things someone different from you is doing is insane. Get in tone with who you are. 2. Find a good detox. Clean your body of …

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