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for Peole, with nature in mind.

We’re redefining energistically benchmark focused growth strategies via superior supply chains. Compellingly reintermediate mission-critical potentialities whereas amazing designs & collaborations, and as always 100% Organic & Fairtrade certified cotton.

Who we are?

Wandaful Herbs is an herbal and vitamin shop in Duluth. It was started by Wanda and her daughter Ashley. We provide an Expansive line of plant base nutritional herbs, herbal foods, & dietary supplements providing customers with their herbal needs for self-care, weight loss, bodybuilding, toning, and general health. We specialize in providing unique healthy products, which allows you to have an alternative plant-based lifestyle. Our wide range of products includes herbal teas, Irish sea moss, organic powders, and supplements. Wandaful Herbs thrives on bringing healthy and organic healing options for all of our customers nationwide.

Some Facts

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Because when we were as individuals are able to find that balance, impact that stressors of all kinds are find that balance.

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We’ve reached a radical tipping point in history. The devastating impact that stressors of all kinds are having on our minds.

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We believe that we shouldn’t look after and a nurture the creative processes and help current and successive generations.


What sets me apart from others?

My one-on-one personal interaction with each customer is what sets me apart from other herbal stores. I dig deeper into their lives and goals to better understand what will work for them. I’ve always been that type of person to care for and cater to others because people tend to gravitate towards me. It is the same way with the business. Most people come into Wandaful Herbs and they enjoy our welcoming conversations.

Getting to this point wasn’t easy due to not having a business background so with the support of family I was able to balance the personalized customer experience with what works best for the business to ensure we can be around for a very long time. Throughout this journey, I’ve learned that everyone’s needs are different, and with a little love and support, we all can reach our goals. My brand is for everyone and we make room for everyone.

So many people including myself, at one time, avoid things because we assume things aren’t made for us or are within our grasp. My brand was started to close that gap.


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